Shop Smart, Save Big: 9 Tips to get free amazon gift cards

Shop Smart, Save Big: 9 Tips To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

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Amazon reigns over the e-commerce market. The retail giant’s exceptional customer service gives it a competitive advantage over many other selling platforms, including eBay. With its website’s ease to use, optimized order processing, and favorable return policies, the multinational company founded by Jeff Bezos has garnered buyers’ loyalty worldwide.

Intriguingly, shopping on Amazon enables you to enjoy more than just excellent customer support. You can order and receive the items you need without spending a dime, making it the ideal platform to build your savings account balance.

Curious to know how to save money on Amazon? You’ve come to the right place! Here are nine easy ways to get free Amazon gift cards and buy whatever you want from the platform.

how to save money on amazon

1. Play Games Online

Many teens can attest that playing games is among the easiest ways to make a buck online. While some apps pay you real cash to explore various game options, others reward you with points you can trade for Amazon gift cards free.

One of these popular platforms is Mistplay, although it’s only available for Android users. You earn rewards after playing games provided by developers who want to draw more attention to their creations, especially during beta testing. Then, you can redeem the points for vouchers to websites like Amazon, iTunes, Target, and Walmart.

Blitz Win Cash is another app that allows you to play games like pool, bingo, and solitaire to receive Amazon gift cards. Besides helping iOS users save a few dollars, this platform provides unmatched entertainment because players can participate in contests and challenges.

Note that apps rewarding you for playing games online have a list of options for gamers to explore. They also require you to take steps like:

  • Install the game
  • Accumulate playtime
  • Reach a specific level

2. Take Online Surveys

Online paid surveys don’t promise the biggest payouts. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting the most out of them. Many apps or websites providing these surveys can pay you in many ways, including by offering you free Amazon gift card codes. The first step to getting the latter is signing up; you might get a bonus to redeem the vouchers.

After creating an online paid survey site account, fill in your profile. Most of these platforms will ask you various questions to identify the relevant surveys for you and confirm you’re a match. Ensure each answer is accurate; otherwise, the website may decline your application.

Swagbucks is a well-known app that enables you to save money and live better! When you take surveys on this online rewards program, you earn SBs, which you can cash out for Amazon gift cards.

  • InboxDollars
  • Lifepoints
  • Survey Junkey
  • Prize Rebel
  • MyPoints
  • Branded Surveys
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Freecash
  • Triaba
  • ySense
  • FeaturePoints

3. Use Search Engines

free amazon gift cards

Another tip to score Amazon gift cards is to make the most of specific search engines. Qmee is a fantastic option to start with. All you have to do is enter your search query like you would on Google.

As of this writing, this in-browser extension lets you cash out as little as £5/$5 to your Amazon voucher. However, you can also cash out to PayPal, regardless of your amassed rewards.

Like all other platforms allowing users to earn free Amazon gift cards, Qmee has some conditions. For example, you must link your verified PayPal account to your Qmee account. That enables them to verify your identity and ensure you receive the right cash rewards.

Bill Gates’ Microsoft also pays users in Amazon gift cards when they use Bing and Microsoft Edge. The tech company’s rewards program is straightforward—you only need a Microsoft account to accumulate points.

4. Be an Excellent Driver

how to earn amazon gift cards for free

Did you know you can get Amazon vouchers by driving safely? As unbelievable as it sounds, some insurance companies have reward programs to give their clients gift cards when they cultivate and maintain good driving habits. These marketing strategies have a metric system to help them decide who deserves the incentives. For instance, drivers who don’t use their phones can be eligible.

A great example of an insurance company rewarding drivers with Amazon gift cards is Carrot in the UK. To win points, you must install their app so they can monitor your driving habits or install a black box in your vehicle.

Do your homework before choosing Carrot Insurance or any other insurance company with rewards programs. Are their insurance policies affordable and convenient for your needs? Unfortunately, if the answer to that question is “no,” you might have to consider other tips to receive free Amazon gift cards.

5. Leverage Amazon

If you save to buy your first home or make another big purchase, reduce expenses by getting gift cards from Amazon. The e-commerce platform enables you to earn vouchers in the following ways:

  • Mechanical Turk: Amazon Mechanical Turk is a program that compensates users for completing small tasks like video processing, data entry, and transcribing data. After your work is approved, you can receive your payment in US dollars or as Amazon gift cards.
  • Amazon Trade-In: This program allows users to exchange old items for Amazon gift cards. You can sell game consoles, smartphones, tablets, routers, Echo devices, and books. Note that the company must accept your items to receive the vouchers. Fortunately, shipping them via UPS is free.
  • Reload Your Amazon Gift Card: Here’s another strategy to earn Amazon gift cards. Typically, you reload your card with a specific amount – like $100 – and receive a bonus of up to $10. If, for instance, you do this ten times, you will get $100 for free!

6. Use Online Shopping Apps

Are you wondering how to save money during inflation? Well, shop more. Although that could be the last thing on your mind during tough economic times, it can earn you free Amazon gift cards. And you’ll be paid for doing something you can’t avoid.

So, each shopping app has its own rules that you must adhere to. For instance, Denver-based Shopkick rewards you with “kicks” when you visit select shopping centers and scan the barcodes for various products. Remember to share your location so you’re eligible to receive the kicks. You can also win the latter when you use a linked card to shop and later redeem the rewards for Amazon vouchers.

Drop is another app you can take advantage of to get free Amazon gift cards. You’ll receive rewards for every dollar you spend. Then, you can redeem the points once they hit 5,000 and receive a gift card to Amazon or other service providers, including Uber and American Airlines.

7. Join Affiliate Marketing Programs

According to Statista, 1 out of 6 affiliates worldwide made $50,000 in 2021. And chances are, these individuals continue to earn that amount or more, especially with the recent sprouting of countless affiliate marketing programs. You can sign up for some of them to get free Amazon vouchers for your next purchase.

Refersion, for example, offers its affiliate marketers 15% of total sales for each referral that uses its platform. While they can send you a check via email or use PayPal, they also offer Amazon gift cards.

Make sure to research different affiliate marketing programs before joining one or several for Amazon vouchers. Some are suitable for beginners, while others are best for experienced affiliates. Pick options that match your experience as you prepare to explore more complex ones.

8. Dine Out

how to earn free gift cards for amazon

Eating out is the most unexpected answer to the “How to earn Amazon gift cards for free?” Most people can’t believe dining out could help them trim costs. But interestingly, some apps are ready to pay you to sit at specific restaurants and enjoy a delicious meal.

One of the most popular platforms in this pool is Seated, which provides a list of restaurants to discover. No matter your choice, you must upload a copy of your receipt within 24 hours of making the reservation to earn your Amazon voucher. You must also meet the minimum spend and arrive on time.

Unfortunately, Seated is only available in less than twenty American cities. But you might find similar apps serving diners across the nation.

9. Get Grocery Cash Back Apps

If you’re short on cash, you can borrow from instant loan apps and use the money to minimize expenses. A vast pool of apps offers buyers free Amazon vouchers for grocery purchases.

A well-known option is Ibotta, which requires users to submit their receipts for rewards. You can also shop through their app to receive points. Once you reach $20, you can exchange it for a gift card.

Receipt Hog is a great alternative for shoppers planning to redeem grocery cashback. You must submit pictures of your receipts to earn coins, which you can use to claim Amazon vouchers.


We hope you now grasp how to earn gift cards for Amazon and minimize your expenses. You have many options to explore, so you must be careful when selecting the best method.

Remember, some of these apps pledging to help you earn free vouchers might draw you in with the promise of big rewards only to disappoint you. Watch out for common red flags like unreasonably high payouts, vague details regarding payment, and lack of privacy policies. Bad reviews are also a telltale sign of a scam.

Once you find a safe and reputable platform enabling you to save money on Amazon, make the most of it. Thankfully, most apps allow you to do multiple things to earn free Amazon gift cards. For example, on Swagbucks, you can play games, take paid surveys and try free trials—pick an activity you genuinely enjoy.

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