10 Legit Ways to Make Money in One Hour

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Over the past three years, there has been a lot of uncertainty, especially regarding the economy. To make ends meet, many people have resorted to working multiple jobs. Many individuals are left wondering how to generate money in an hour as the cost of living rises, and incomes remain flat.

Yes, we are all in the same tugboat.

Even though it is impossible to become wealthy or even support yourself with just one hour of work, there are legitimate ways to make some quick extra money.

In this post, we will explore ten legit ways to make some hard cash in one hour. Some of the ways we mention here might take longer than others; however, where there’s a will, there’s always a way and some fast cash.

how to make money in one hour

1. Sell Items You No Longer Need

The number one way is the easiest and requires little to no effort. If you have a closet full of unnecessary items you don’t need, why not make it someone else’s?

These could be musical instruments, jewellery, furniture, or electronics. You can visit your local pawn shop and ask how much you can get for jewellery and musical instruments or sell them online on eBay or Facebook marketplace.

Another way to redistribute your belongings is by having a yard sale. Do you know what they say? One man’s Tommy Hilfiger is another’s rug.

If you have any luxury or vintage items in good condition, you can send them to a consignment store.

2. Invest In Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have become a hot topic lately and are now one of the most popular investments. If you’ve never invested in crypto before, you may be wondering how to make money with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies?

If you’re looking at how to make money in one hour, buying and selling cryptocurrencies on an exchange can be a great way. With the right knowledge and research, you can buy low and sell high to make a quick profit.

You can use different strategies such as arbitrage, swing trading or day trading to maximize your chances of success. Just remember that investments come with risk so please do your due diligence before investing any hard-earned cash.

3. Offer Pet Sitting Services

If you love pets, pet sitting may be the perfect way to get some cash fast. There are several websites online that connect pet sitters with customers. If that seems tedious, you can call up a few friends with pets and offer your services.

One person is bound to need help with their pet. Before you start working, agree on the price beforehand.

You can offer to either walk their pet or pet sit overnight. You can tell your clients that you prefer to get paid after the gig and offer Venmo and Cash App as your method of payment to avoid delays.

how to work for yourself and make money

4. Babysitting

There’s a reason why babysitting has been around for as long as you can remember. If you enjoy spending time around kids and live in an area (suburbs)with many kids, this could be the perfect way to make extra cash.

Not only are parents always happy to get some time away, but you can also make the hours. Before you can start, however, you will need to build some rapport with the parents of the kids. That’s if you’re going the classic route. However, you can also choose to join a babysitting program online.

If it’s your first time, you can create a profile on websites like Care.com. This will help you to easily connect with sitters in your area without doing a lot of advertising.

The amount of cash that you can make depends on several things. However, there is room to make a good amount.

Additionally, you can ask family and friends to recommend your services to their circles. This will make it easy to earn fast as parents usually settle right after the day ends.

5. Take Online Surveys

If you’re looking for a passive way to make some extra cash, participating in online surveys may be the right fit. The best part is that thousands of websites offer surveys in exchange for cash and gift cards. However, you have to be vigilant as some may be scams. You can sign up for as many websites as you remember the passwords.

You’ll need to create an account with the website and start taking surveys. You may find that the payout is extremely high. However, it can add up over time.

6. Be a Part of Paid Focus Groups

Being a part of focus groups is another excellent way that you can use to make a good amount of cash.

These focus groups are mostly in-person, with a few exceptions allowing virtual meetings. They usually involve giving your opinion on a particular subject or matter and discussing it with the others in the group. The time it usually takes varies between an hour and a half.

Many companies facilitate focus groups in the US and Canada, and a quick search will lead you to a good fit. Some companies include :

  • User interviews
  • Respondent
  • Rare Patient Voice
  • Focusgroup.com
  • PingPong
  • American Consumer Opinion

Before committing to one company, ensure you’ve read the reviews for a positive experience.

how to make money with bitcoin

7. Work as a Freelancer

The freelancing world has exploded over the last couple of years, with more and more people looking to work from home on their terms. This has resulted in an upsurge in the number of individuals/companies looking for people with graphic design, translation, voice-over work, and writing skills.

Several websites offer freelancers a place to market themselves. They include Fiverr, Upwork, FlexJobs, and Linkedin Talent Solutions.

If you know any field, be it animation or graphic design, all you have to do is sign up for one of the websites and start earning.

Some websites may take a little longer in their vetting process to get back to you.

8. Do Odd Jobs Around Your Neighborhood

Another great way to make cash fast is by doing odd jobs around your neighborhood. This includes:

  • Mowing lawns and yard work
  • Washing cars
  • Running errands
  • Walking dogs
  • General handiwork; plumbing, carpentry

Many people don’t mind paying someone else to do their yard work. You can ask your neighbors if they have any leads or put up advertisements. Apart from physically asking your neighbors for work, you can sign up for apps like TaskRabbit and Thumbtack.

On Task Rabbit, the jobs vary; however, you can do furniture assembly, home repairs, helping people move, and general cleaning. This is one of many.

One of the biggest advantages of using such apps is that you can choose the jobs you want based on your availability, pay, and type of work.

9. Offer Tutoring Services 

A side gig that’s currently booming and pays well is online tutoring. Taking its root from the traditional, 3-5 physical tutoring of the past, online tutoring is a big business.

The best part is practically anyone can do it. If you have know-how on any subject, even creating magical castles in Roblox, there’s a market for you. You have to have the drive to market yourself and follow up with past customers for feedback.

You can use this opportunity to ask for leads and feedback. Tutors for normal/common subjects have the potential to earn $11-$20 an hour.

One thing to note is that your education level, the company you work for, your specialty, and your experience teaching will affect your earnings. Some legit websites we’ve found include TutorMe, Qkids, VIPKid, Yup, Brainfuse, Tutor.com, and GeeklyHub.

10. Sell Crafts Online

Last, you can make some cash by selling handmade products. The best part of using this method is that you can take advantage of the online marketplaces available while also selling your crafts at fairs.

You can book a booth at your local art fair and sell your art there or ask your friends /family if they are interested in any of your pieces.

If you prefer the virtual world, you can also sign up for sites like Etsy, with dedicated spaces for crafters. One caveat with the online world is you must pay some fees. They are usually transaction fees (after you’ve sold a piece) and listing fees (similar to a booth price).

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There are many ways you can use it to make money. Knowing how to work for yourself and make money simultaneously becomes more accessible with these methods.

Some ways may be a better fit for you than others; however, take the time to try each one out.

Try out a couple to see which fits your personality and financial goals best. You may be shocked to find the one you didn’t think would fit the winner.

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