9 Legitimate Ways for Teens to Make Money Online

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Teenagers may have limited responsibilities, but they are among the biggest spenders in the American age demographic. According to one consumer insight report, American teens account for approximately $44 billion in direct spending annually.

Priority spending categories for teens today include food, clothing, entertainment, shoes, beauty products, and gadgets. While most US teens receive allowances from their parents, they need more funds to finance their spending.

Fortunately, the digital economy presents various legitimate and safe ways for teenagers to make money online. Moreover, such opportunities allow teenagers to learn responsible spending habits and a saving culture in preparation for the future. So, if you wonder how to make money online as a teen, keep reading to learn more.

1. Take Online Surveys

Online surveys top the list for the easiest proven ways for individuals across all age groups, including teenagers, to make money online. Teens making money via online surveys fill in questionnaires and get paid according to stipulated terms. The websites facilitating such online surveys may base the payment rate on the volume of surveys an individual takes or the survey’s difficulty.

So, why do online surveys feature prominently among resources on how to make money as a teen? First, the surveys require zero skills; all you need to do is give a candid opinion on the survey forms.

Second, the gig is flexible because you can choose the daily hours you intend to dedicate to the surveys. Moreover, the flexibility aspect extends to online survey mobile apps allowing you to complete surveys while on the go.

Third, there is no limit to the number of survey sites you can join simultaneously; signing up to multiple sites increases your earning potential significantly. However, the pre-qualification requirements for each survey dictate the number of surveys you can fill.

Also, getting started with online survey websites and apps is simple. All you need to do is sign up for the platform, set up a profile, and complete surveys.

Most online survey websites and apps feature a point system, meaning you earn several points for each completed survey, and the system converts the points into cash. Moreover, some platforms dictate that you can only receive payments when you accumulate a specified number of points.

Besides completing surveys, most online survey platforms issue points for other tasks, including watching videos, playing games, and online shopping. Also, besides cash, the platforms may issue payments in kind, including gift cards for popular merchants.

how to make money as a teen

2. Watching Videos

According to one survey on the average screen time for teens, American teens spend approximately seven hours watching screens daily, including roughly three hours streaming video content.  Therefore, watching videos is another great answer to how to make money as a teenager without a job.

Video-watching gigs are effortless for teens because the activity features prominently in their day. So, as a teenager, you can earn pocket money passively by doing something you love.

Various apps allow teenagers to make Money by watching Tiktok videos, video ads, and other content. Like the online survey payment model, such video apps also include a point system whereby you can only cash out after accruing a specified number of points.

Depending on the app, the point system for watching online videos may earn you more for video volume consumption or length. Moreover, some apps expect feedback on the video content.

Such varying parameters make estimating the regular income generated from watching videos challenging. However, you can rest assured you will earn some passive income or gift cards to popular merchants.

3. Testing Apps And Websites

The digital economy brings numerous services online, necessitating websites and mobile apps to connect with consumers and enhance user experience. Consequently, the end-to-end user is a crucial market research element. Therefore, as a teenager seeking to supplement your allowance, you can make money by testing mobile apps and websites and giving constructive feedback on the products’ intuitiveness and functionality.

Such rating gigs require having a computer with a webcam and a microphone, and screen recording, in some cases, allowing you to share oral feedback in real-time. However, some gigs test the end-to-end use on mobile devices, meaning you can perform such testing tasks on your phone.

However, unlike the previous earning opportunities, app and website testing require you to be at least semi-skilled. Fortunately, the internet has numerous resources, including the tasting sites’ FAQ pages, to help you acquire the skills you need to qualify as a tester; some websites even offer tester courses.

Second, most platforms have a rating system because they evaluate the feedback submitted before remitting your earnings to a PayPal account. Fortunately, you can learn more about being a tester and raising your ratings to land more testing gigs from available resources.

Besides earning some decent cash from testing apps and websites, mobile and website testing apps take a minimum amount of time. For example, you can make up to $15 for approximately 30 minutes of work. Moreover, some websites pay up to $50 per work.

However, the downside to this online hustle is fewer opportunities, making it challenging to transform it into a full-time earning opportunity. However, it generates a decent enough amount of cash to supplement your pant-issued monthly allowance.

how to make money as a teenager without a job

4. Playing And Streaming Video Games

Earning money doing what you love is a gift most people would do anything to have. If you are a gaming-loving teen, you can do just that by earning money for playing and streaming games.

Various platforms allow individuals to earn money by building a legion of followers who tune in to watch the latter play games. To earn income via gaming, you will need a powerful computer to support live streaming software and a robust internet connection to facilitate the live stream.

Alternatively, you can substitute the computer with a gaming console, but the console must feature a capture card.

The strategy behind earning via gaming is to build a sizable audience, at least 1000 people showing up for your streams. Besides being a strong player, a content strategy is crucial to building a following on gaming platforms. For example, you can inject personality into your delivery during the live streams.

A sizable audience on gaming platforms empowers you to leverage other avenues, including affiliate marketing, streaming video ads, and selling branded merchandise to increase your earnings. If you wonder how to get rich as a teenager, streaming video games is a viable option. However, the gaming space is extremely competitive and takes up much time.

how to get rich as a teenager

5. Become A Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant (VA) gig is a form of self-employment entailing providing administrative services to clients remotely. Such services include responding to emails, client inbox management, minute-taking at meetings, transcribing, client calendar management, data entry, making travel arrangements, and social media management.

Therefore, being a virtual assistant requires having the basic skills highlighted above. Fortunately, the internet has numerous resources, including free virtual assistant courses that explore all the competencies above and advice on setting rates and landing clients.

A virtual assistant gig has numerous advantages, including the potential to grow into a full-time money-making opportunity. Also, the skills acquired during VA work are helpful, and building a portfolio will help you earn more clients. Moreover, you can start small by pitching your services to your parents, relatives, and local businesses and organizations.

6. Join The Cryptocurrency Bandwagon

Alternative investments like cryptocurrencies present a superb opportunity for teenagers to earn passive income. The cryptocurrency ecosystem relies on blockchain technology to transfer the digital asset from owner to owner. Therefore, the primary way a teenager can earn money via crypto is by buying and selling crypto assets at higher prices.

Besides trading, you can earn money from cryptocurrencies via crypto mining. Crypto utilizes special software to enable you to add to the blockchain and receive a token reward for your efforts.

However, you need to open a digital wallet on a crypto exchange platform, and reputable platforms require traders to be at least 18. But this should be no hurdle because your parent or guardian can open the wallet on your behalf.

earn money from cryptocurrencies

7. Work As A Tutor

Being good with books can pay off big time by empowering you to start a part-time income-generating activity as a tutor. Various online platforms allow you to sell your skills and make money tutoring your peers online.

Tutoring gigs are flexible because they allow teen tutors to set their hours, rates, and areas of expertise. The average rate for such gigs is $15-$25 per hour.

8. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the digital version of sales whereby marketers earn a commission for each product sold via their promotion endeavors. Brands using affiliate marketing generate tracking codes that monitor traffic to their website and conversion rates so that both the affiliate and the brand generate a similar sales report.

While it may seem straightforward, hacking affiliate marketing requires passion, creativity, and dedication. However, you can start your affiliate marketing gig by applying to affiliate programs selling products you are passionate about and knowledgeable about.

Use your online resources, including social media pages, to grow your following by creating promotional content to push the affiliate brand’s products.

earn money by making yard sales online

9. Sell And Resale Items

You can earn money by making yard sales online on action platforms. However, besides old things in your garage, there are other ways to find items to sell.

First, if you’re crafty, consider posting your wares on e-commerce platforms that deal exclusively in hand-made products. Also, you can purchase items from thrift stores for resale.


Besides giving you the purchasing power to live your best life, earning money as a teenager equips you to handle future financial obligations. Therefore, consider exploring the options above to start making money today.

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