Figo Pet Insurance: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis

Figo Pet Insurance: A Comprehensive Review and Analysis

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Choosing the best insurance coverage for your furry, feathery, or scaly friend can be a daunting task.

Many pet insurers notoriously charge ridiculous premiums while paying out unreasonable benefits in return. Some insurance companies offer competitive premiums in exchange for basic coverage that only caters to a handful of health and wellness perils.

However, with some research and due diligence, it’s possible to find a pet insurer that checks all the boxes regarding the scope of coverage and quality of services provided. One such company is Figo.

We’ve prepared a comprehensive review and analysis of Figo pet insurance to help you determine if this pet insurer is worth your time and money.

Figo pet insurance

Why Do You Need Pet Insurance?

Until a few years ago, the concept of insurance attracted a fair share of skepticism. A 2015 study by Hartford Financial Services Group Inc. found that insurance did not feature prominently among the top career choices for millennials.

However, the past few years have witnessed a major paradigm shift in general attitudes about insurance within the millennial population. Not only have millennials become more enthusiastic about life insurance. They’ve also become incredibly receptive to the idea of pet insurance.

Taking out insurance cover for your non-human housemates is an intelligent way to cushion yourself against unforeseen pet-related medical expenses. These expenses might result from acute illnesses like gastroenteritis, chronic diseases like osteoarthritis, and postoperative complications.

A solid pet insurance plan can spare you the mental anguish of having to quickly put together funds to foot emergency medical bills. It also reduces undue strain on your savings.

What Is Figo Pet Insurance?

Figo Pet Insurance is a pet insurance company that provides a cloud-based platform where its clients can avail of a wide range of pet healthcare services, including pet insurance.

The company offers flexible plans that cater to different budgets. It maintains a clean interface that makes claim filing quick and effortless.

Figo is also one of the few pet insurance companies that provide reasonable reimbursement amounts. Its clients are entitled to as much as 100% reimbursement on eligible expenses provided they meet their deductibles. And with one of the best paying jobs in insurance, Figo is a pet insurance company worth exploring.

Figo’s History

Figo Pet Insurance was founded in 2013 by Rusty Sproat. The company was established in Chicago, Illinois, and has maintained its headquarters. JAB Holding Company later acquired it.

As well as its physical locations in the Greater Chicago Area, Figo is available on major social media platforms. You can also contact the pet insurer through its email address and telephone number, both available on its official website.

Figo pet insurance reviews

Figo Pet Insurance Features

1. Different Pets Covered

Figo provides insurance coverage only for dogs and cats. While this may seem like a drawback to some pet parents, it’s important to note that canines and felines constitute the majority of household pets.

Recent statistics indicate that dogs and cats collectively account for over three-quarters of the total pet population in the United States. The same scenario is replicated in many other countries.

2. Wide Scope of Coverage

Figo’s insurance plans may be strictly designed for cats and dogs. But it’s reassuring to know that the company provides extensive coverage for both pets.

For starters, Figo covers common canine and feline illnesses. These range from manageable ailments like sniffles to severe issues like skin conditions.

Figo also covers chronic, unforeseen conditions. It doesn’t matter whether your adorable pet is battling osteoarthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, or even congenital disorders. You can trust a Figo insurance plan to kick in and minimize the associated treatment, management, or surgery costs.

Figo even provides coverage for curable, pre-existing conditions provided that such diseases do not display symptoms within twelve months of treatment. However, this option is unavailable in all states.

Accidents and emergencies are also part of Figo’s pet insurance plans. The company gives you peace of mind knowing that your canine or feline friend will get prompt treatment in medical emergencies like electrocution, heart attack, and epileptic seizures.

Lastly, Figo is among the few pet insurance companies that offer wellness and preventive care. Although this is an add-on feature, the benefits can be ultimately rewarding. Common issues covered include annual veterinary exams, dental checkups, vaccinations, and spaying/neutering.

You’ll realize that Figo is one of the few dog insurance that covers spaying and neutering, despite not offering breeding services.

3. Fast Claims Processing

Dealing with a sick pet is heart-wrenching enough. During such challenging moments, the last thing you want is a pet insurance company that subjects you to long and agonizing claims processing.

Fortunately, this is another area where Figo beats the competition. Many Figo pet insurance reviews laud the company for its fast and hassle-free claims processing.

On average, most Figo claims close within 2.6 business days, ensuring quick access to the financial benefits.

4. Petfinder Services

Statistics by Lost Pet Research & Recovery indicate that around 11-16% of dogs and 12 – 18% of cats go missing at least once every five years. A decent percentage of these animals get preyed upon by common predators, while some lose their lives on the freeways. Others are rounded up and put down by animal control agencies.

Figo understands pet owners’ emotional anguish while trying to reconnect with their lost pets. As such, the company introduced a cloud service that makes it easy to find your missing pets by connecting with fellow pet parents near you. Simply share clear photos and full descriptions of your lost pet.

The cloud service also includes tag services to help you reunite with your missing pets faster. You can also plan fun play dates with other pets in the neighborhood.

Other Noteworthy Add-ons

Figo pet insurance also provides the following benefits;

  • Last respect expenses up to $250
  • Vacation cancellation expenses due to pet emergencies
  • Liability coverage for pet-related property damage
  • Advertisements and rewards for lost pets
  • Boarding fees
  • Free 24/7 virtual vet visits
  • Responsive customer care via the numbers 844-738-3446 (call), 844-262-8133 (text), and 773-966-0769 (fax), or the email address (

What Doesn’t Figo Pet Insurance Cover?

Based on the above features, you could now wonder, is Figo a good pet insurance? One of the best ways to answer this question is to examine what the pet insurer doesn’t cover.

Figo typically doesn’t provide the following coverage;

  • Experimental procedures
  • Cosmetic surgeries
  • Cloning procedures
  • Breeding services
  • Pregnancy, delivery, and nursing costs
  • Nutritional supplements

Now, back to our question – is Figo pet insurance good?

The beneficial features that Figo provides far outweigh the cons, making it a pet insurance company worth your time. The following sections further help to bolster this deduction.

Figo pet insurance Costco

How Much Does Figo Cost?

Figo doesn’t provide different pet insurance plans. Instead, the company offers custom quotes, allowing you to determine the extent of coverage you want for your canine or feline friend. The amount of premium charged depends on several factors, including the deductibles, reimbursement level, and annual coverage limit. This ultimately comes down to your pet’s age, breed, and location.

On average, Figo pet insurance cost around $44/month for a $5,000 annual coverage limit on a $250 deductible amount and with an 80% reimbursement level. That’s around the same amount charged by other leading pet insurance service providers, such as CostCo.

But while a Figo pet insurance CostCo comparison is even in terms of average premiums, Figo stands out in other areas, such as the scope of coverage and shorter claims processing period.

Figo also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you file no claim within 30 days.

Getting Started On Figo

To get started with your premiums, you’ll need to head to Figo’s official website and click on the “Get a Quote” button at the top right corner.

Enter your pet’s name and choose between cat/dog and male/female. Next, select the animal’s breed and age, as well as your zip code and your email address. Check the box asking you to enable Figo’s notifications and click “Get a Quote.”

If your application goes through, you should make premium payments immediately to hit your deductible amounts faster. The company offers four different deductible options – $100, $250, $500, and $750.

Your insurance benefits kick in once you hit your deductibles. Figo typically reimburses a portion of your pet’s medical bills. Depending on the risks covered, the company will pay 70%, 80%, 90%, or 100% of the bills.

Figo’s annual coverage limits also vary. The pet insurer provides three options, including $5,000, $10,000, and Unlimited.

Does Figo Offer Jobs?

One of the frequently asked questions by people considering pursuing an insurance career is – how many jobs are available in life insurance?

The short answer is that life insurance employs thousands. The industry is also reasonably lucrative, with annual income running into hundreds of thousands.

It turns out that Figo also offers some of the best paying jobs in life insurance. If you’re pursuing an insurance career, the Figo website is an excellent place to check out emerging job opportunities in the industry.

Even better, you can explore Figo pet insurance jobs even if you’re not a pet owner.

Is Figo pet insurance good


Figo is one of the most reputable pet insurance service providers. The company offers customized plans that are based on several parameters.

While Figo caters only to cats and dogs, the insurer makes up for that by providing extensive coverage for different medical emergencies.

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