8 Best Money-making opportunities for Phone Users

8 Best Money-Making Opportunities For Phone Users

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Phone have become indispensable gadget in our lives. According to recent data on Americans’ smartphone usage, the average American spends around four and a half hours on their smartphone.

While phones were strictly for making calls a few decades ago, today’s smartphones have become money-making devices. Today’s phones are more money-making gadgets than mere communication tools.

As a phone user, there has never been a better time to earn cash from your phone than in the present digital era. You have many legitimate ways to make money on your phone nowadays.

Check these top 8 best money-making opportunities for phone users.

1. Taking Online Surveys

Taking paid online surveys can be a lucrative way for phone users to earn extra cash. Sites like Branded Surveys, Survey Junkie, My Points, KashKick, and InboxDollars are legit survey sites offering paid online surveys. You can easily make money on phone by completing simple surveys on these platforms.

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Participants earn points for every survey they complete. They can redeem their points for money or gifts. The more online surveys you complete, your earning potential will grow.

Surveys are undoubtedly among the easiest ways people generate revenue with their phones. However, logging onto different survey sites can sometimes be inconvenient, especially for users signing into multiple sites with a single phone.

Online surveys can be a rewarding money-making opportunity for phone users who can complete multiple surveys daily. The challenge with pursuing these surveys is finding a legitimate website. Phone users need to establish the legitimacy of a site before signing into the website and start taking surveys.

2. Playing Online Games

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Playing online games is one fun and exciting way to make money with phones, especially for teens. Every teen wondering how to make money online as a teen should consider playing online games and videos for money.

About half of the US teenagers have smartphones these days. The internet connectivity breakthrough also presents an opportunity for most of them to start making money online through games.

You can earn money online by playing games on gaming websites like Swagbucks. The site allows you to make money by watching videos and playing games. The more games you play, the more points you earn. You can either redeem these points as cash or gifts.

Pro online gamers can cash in plenty of money from competing in online gaming tournaments. Some gaming tournaments have huge prizes for pro gamers. Dota 2, for instance, had a whopping $32.85 million prize in 2022.

However, the best-paying tournaments are competitive. Winning in such tournaments takes a pro gamer plenty of time and preparation. Participating in gaming tournaments can be an excellent part-time job if you want to make cash with your phone.

3. Selling Photos

Are you wondering how to make money in one hour? Selling your phone photos could be your perfect money-generating activity. Anyone can make a decent revenue by selling their photos online, whether a pro photographer or not. Your smartphone only needs a decent camera to take photos for sale.

Phone users need to identify the right places to sell their photos. You also need to understand who buys photos and the types of photos they need. The largest buyers of online photos are site owners, bloggers, and business owners.

These buyers want photos of people, including adults, kids, and people from different countries and cultures. They also want photos showing people at work since such photos are popular among businesses. Photos of people working on their laptops, speaking in meetings, and working on construction sites will likely sell more.

Several websites allow phone users to sell their photos and earn money. You can sell professional, quality, and emotion-invoking photos on a site like Shutterstock. The site has hundreds of photo buyers. There are high odds of selling your photos here. Other good photo-selling platforms include Creststock, Alamy, and iStock Photo.

4. Selling Products Online

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Asking what ways to use to make money from my phone for free. Selling online can expose you to unlimited earning potential. Phone users can use their gadgets to sell products online while growing a profitable long-term business.

Selling products online using your phone eliminates the operational costs of running a conventional business. Even better, selling products online for money is straightforward. First, decide on the products you want to be selling products. The products could be anything from clothes and electronics to furniture.

You can place and price the photos of the products you want to sell on your site. Selling products on your site can be profitable and fulfilling in the long run. The biggest shortcoming of selling on your website is that you must market your website and products for buyers to purchase.

The easiest way to sell products online using your phone is by uploading photos of your merchandise to a reputable retail site. For instance, you can take photos of the items you are selling and upload them on Bonanza. The site sells millions of items, and you can sell on the platform using your smartphone.

Sellers also use their phones to sell their merchandise on Amazon. The vast e-commerce site brings together millions of buyers worldwide. The site sells hundreds of products per minute.

It’s an excellent selling platform, especially for new sellers seeking to learn how to make money on Amazon.

You need to set up a selling account before taking product photos with your smartphone and uploading them on Amazon. The charges for setting up a selling account on Amazon depend on the products you sell.

Other sites to sell online using your phone include eBay and Wayfair. Sell your products on sites that don’t charge fees to increase your odds of making decent money while selling online using your phone.

5. Mobile Affiliate Marketing

Mobile affiliate marketing is another popular way for phone users to generate income. It is a form of advertising where a phone user earns a commission by promoting a product on behalf of a business or someone.

Many sites allow mobile users to advertise services or goods on other websites for a commission. Your job as a mobile affiliate marketer is to add links to your website to promote others’ services or products. You generate revenue through a commission when someone clicks the link to your site and purchases a service or product.

It would help if you had a mobile affiliate marketing network to promote products and services with your phone. Choose a network allowing you to reach a vast audience for better returns in your mobile affiliate marketing efforts. Some suitable networks for mobile affiliate marketers include ClickBank and Google Adsense.

6. Social Media Management

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Businesses and individuals use social media in their daily operations. Social media has become crucial in recent years. Brands are hiring professionals to manage their social media networks.

The benefit of managing social media accounts is that managers don’t rely on PCs or laptops. They can handle different social media accounts simultaneously with their smartphones.

Working as a social media manager is a rewarding full-time or part-time role if you own a smartphone. Social media marketers are also in high demand since brands increasingly hire managers to run their social media networks.

If you are social media savvy and have a smartphone, you can make money on phone as a social media manager. However, you need experience handling social media networks to make good profits.

Whether working full-time or part-time, social media management can pay exciting wages. The only gadget you require to execute your duties as a social media manager is your smartphone.

7. Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a rewarding role for subject matter experts with smartphones. Anyone can use their phones for online tutoring if they are experts in any field. Enroll on online tutoring websites like TutorMe, TutorEye, and Tutor.com to meet prospective students.

Switch on your mobile phone camera to give your students live classes. Many tutoring platforms allow online tutors to choose from hundreds of subjects and teach millions of students worldwide. These platforms are easy to log into from mobile devices, including mobile devices.

Find an online tutoring platform that connects you with many students to guarantee your chances of earning handsomely as an online tutor. Ensure the platform is compatible with your phone.

8. Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance entails offering services on behalf of professionals and businesses. They provide their services remotely without traveling to physical work locations.

As a virtual assistant, you help businesses and professionals with bookkeeping, chart support, and data entry tasks. You can execute all your remote functions from your phone.

Upwork, Zirtual, and Remote. Co offers different virtual assistance services. These platforms are available on smartphones. You can work as a virtual assistant on such platforms from your phone and earn part-time or full-time.


Mobile phones are increasingly becoming a source of income for millions worldwide. They are also expanding the digital space, opening the world to more job opportunities. Try any of these eight jobs mentioned in this post after learning how to make money on your phone. Hopefully, one of these jobs will suit your interests and experience.

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