6 Best Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels to Follow In 2023

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Interest in cryptocurrency has been picking up after taking a hit in the 2022 bear market. Some people had lost interest and fortune in cryptocurrency, while others remained interested. As interest in crypto grows, people look for ways to learn more about it and how to trade.

Whether a beginner or an experienced investor, you must stay up-to-date to understand the changing dynamics. The best way to stay updated is by following experts in the industry and learning from them. However, keeping up with all the crypto info can be tricky because new ideas, tools, and platforms constantly appear.

Luckily, there are YouTube channels with a ton of information to help navigate the issues. These sites offer trustworthy information to stay up with Bitcoin news and improvements for investors of all expertise levels. Learn which YouTube channels to subscribe to in 2023 by reading on.

What Do Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels Do?

best cryptocurrency youtube channels

If you want to stay updated with the most recent and reliable technical analysis and news about Bitcoin, subscribe to some of the top YouTube channels. Recently, there has been an increase in YouTube channels with data, research, and insights into cryptocurrencies.

Whether you’re an investor, trader, or enthusiast, there are several reasons to subscribe to the top cryptocurrency YouTube channels. They will assist you in staying informed on whether cryptocurrency is safe to invest in and making wise investment choices in the rapidly changing cryptocurrency landscape.

When you subscribe to Crypto YouTube channels, you may discover insightful guidance from thought leaders and business experts. These channels regularly describe the newest market assessments, trends, and investment opportunities. They also provide news updates and analysis of the Bitcoin market as it evolves.

By joining these channels, you may connect with people who share your interests and create a community around them. You also receive exciting and instructive information, heightening your enjoyment and interest in utilizing cryptocurrencies.

The Top Six Cryptocurrency YouTube Channels to Subscribe To

is cryptocurrency safe to invest in

Some of the most incredible YouTube channels for learning more about cryptocurrencies and blockchains are those mentioned below. They cover a variety of crypto-related subjects as well as instructions for setting up a wallet.

1. Coin Bureau

With its in-depth examination of the Bitcoin market and excellent video production, Coin Bureau gives viewers a thorough grasp of the subject and the Bitcoin market.

The presenter of this YouTube channel specializes in explaining complex concepts clearly and concisely, which aids novices in understanding the ideas. He describes the fundamentals of digital money and the developing blockchain technology in a video as they negotiate the complexity of the digital asset market.

This is the most popular YouTube channel, which has over 2 million followers. In daily cryptocurrency videos, the host discusses the possibilities of cryptocurrencies and the technology behind them.

The channel’s videos discuss investing in digital assets and the industry. Additionally, you will receive analysis, viewpoints, and price predictions for cryptocurrencies.

This YouTube channel is an excellent place to start if you want to learn more about and completely comprehend cryptocurrencies. If you’re a novice interested in the fundamental study of the Bitcoin market, this is a terrific approach to expand your understanding. The network regularly expresses skepticism toward new endeavors and warns viewers of potential dangers.

2. DataDash

This YouTube channel uses charts and graphs to depict market movements and predictions while focusing on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. With this data-driven approach, you will clearly understand the factors influencing Bitcoin prices, as well as daily Bitcoin news, analysis, and comparisons.

Nicholas Marten, the host, is well known for his technical analysis and market expertise, both of which are the result of his in-depth familiarity with conventional markets. Because he is intelligent, he is a YouTuber who can teach you more about cryptocurrencies.

The channel also covers stock market performance and finance, venturing beyond cryptocurrencies. You can learn about DeFi, bitcoin trading methods, and blockchain technology by subscribing. You will also gain insightful commentary from the top voices in the field since the host invites specialists in the cryptocurrency area for interviews.

He also has a website, newsletter, and community forum where you can get additional information and opportunities to engage with other crypto community members.

Subscribe to this channel for blockchain and available economic research for hard-hitting analysis.

3. Ivan on Tech

cryptocurrency videos

In terms of offering a unique perspective on the cryptocurrency market and teaching viewers about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, the YouTube channel is among the finest. When you subscribe, you’ll get daily videos that examine Bitcoin technology in great detail.

A charismatic Ivan hosts the channel, offering a range of educational resources. There are introductory videos for beginners and in-depth technical analyses for experienced investors. He provides viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies, detailing critical concepts like blockchain, smart contracts, and DeFi.

Ivan is an international speaker and educator who posts educational content videos, including interviews with key people within crypto. This interview provides insight into various issues relevant to the crypto market.

He is a recognized face in the industry for being a blockchain educator, data scientist, and consultant. His wealth of experience translates into his explanation of crypto projects, market trends, and analysis.

The channel also tackles complex issues influencing the crypto industry with in-depth videos necessary for substantial learning. It features a variety of series and programs that appeal to different audiences. The host uses an engaging and entertaining style and breaks complex concepts into simple, easy-to-understand languages.

However, Ivan only posts videos occasionally.

4. CryptosRUs

This channel is one of the best cryptocurrency YouTube channels for new traders looking to get into cryptocurrency. It’s a news channel about everything happening within the crypto market and things outside it that may affect the industry.

George Tung posts educational videos on the channel, focusing on the fundamentals of Bitcoin and Ethereum. He helps people understand how to set up crypto wallets, build portfolios, and start earning interest on their holdings. His vast experience in the industry makes the channel a reliable source of information on blockchain technology.

The channel also covers crypto news and market insights. It provides an in-depth fundamental analysis to help understand the best cryptos in the industry. It’s the best channel to get crypto opinions based on fundamental analysis.

If you need more clarification about crypto YouTube, this is the best channel. When you subscribe, you will find two new daily videos with important economic news and market analysis. The host interviews experts in the industry, focusing on market analysis and developments that could impact the crypto market.

5. Crypto Banter

If you want a more engaging and entertaining crypto channel on YouTube, this is it. Crypto Banter produces first-rate content and brings top voices to a debate. It’s one of the complete crypto YouTube channels you should check out. The channel delivers up-to-date news and market analysis in an entertaining and informative format.

It has many followers interested in learning about crypto and blockchain.

A team of experts on the channel analyzes the market by looking at charts from different angles and offering suggestions. This YouTube channel stands out for its lighthearted and welcoming tone for investors wanting to stay updated on recent market trends and moves.

It was the first live-streaming platform created especially for the blockchain that allowed for member interaction.

The channel covers a range of subjects, such as major trends and developments in the cryptocurrency field and cryptocurrency and blockchain initiatives. You will also find a variety of valuable materials, consisting of interviews with influential figures in the sector, investment strategies, and trading guides.

Under the same name, the channel has a complete website that provides additional information, including news updates and market analysis.

6. Benjamin Cowen

best cryptocurrency YouTuber

Subscribe to Benjamin Cohen on YouTube to learn more about the industry. He has earned a reputation as the best cryptocurrency YouTuber for technical analysis. Since crypto trading is risky, his technical approach has set him apart from other YouTube channels in the industry.

Benjamin runs one of the top YouTube channels offering in-depth and data-driven insights on the cryptocurrency market. He is a well-known Bitcoin investor and expert who assists traders and investors in making wise investment choices. He employs a variety of technical analysis tools and charts on his YouTube channel to spot market trends and patterns and gives a thorough insight into market dynamics.

Market analysis and trading tactics are the channel’s main topics, with Cowen going beyond the crypto market to provide lessons in macroeconomics and real estate investing. He is a great asset to everyone interested in on-chain analysis alongside common cryptos.

The distinctive feature of Benjamin Cowen’s YouTube channel is how he approaches the market analysis of cryptocurrencies. He fairly assesses the cryptocurrency market and focuses on the data science underlying price changes. His channel supports investors and traders without bias or marketing, helping you make informed decisions.

On YouTube, Benjamin has over 750,000 subscribers who get daily insight on macroeconomic variables, technical analysis, and cryptographic assets. The channel, however, could be more complicated for novices and suitable for individuals interested in technical trading.


With crypto and blockchain technology rapidly evolving, you must stay current with the latest development trends. This article has highlighted the different informative and engaging YouTube channels that offer insight into the crypto industry.

You can learn a lot about crypto by following these influencers on YouTube. They have a wealth of information on various topics, from crypto market analysis and trading strategies to emerging trends in the crypto space.

Experts in cryptocurrency news, crypto trading, and blockchain host the channels. You can follow them for accurate information, including market reviews and news updates. You can always find a YouTube channel that meets your requirements regardless of your level of knowledge or interest.

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