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Veteran’s Roadmap: Understanding VA Loan Statement Of Service

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If a lender requests a VA statement of service from an eligible military member, that individual must submit one to get a VA loan. Lenders use the statement of service to ensure that a borrower is in the military and has a steady income. 

In this post, we will go over all you need to know about the statement of service for the Veterans Affairs loan. 

What Exactly Does a VA Loan Statement of Service Mean? 

To commence, it is imperative to provide an exact definition of the term VA loan statement of service. It’s an official document certifying an individual’s military service. It includes details like their name, SSN, salary, branch, rank, and dates of service, among other things. Therefore, it is sufficient proof of service when applying for VA loans, employment, benefits, and more. 

To be more precise, a statement of service VA loan—a formal letter attesting to your military service—must be submitted with your VA mortgage application. To confirm your employment status and eligibility for a VA loan, lenders often use this letter. 

For current duty military members who want to apply for a VA loan, this letter is essential proof that you’re serving in the military. 

For this reason, any military member considering a VA loan would do well to familiarize themselves with the details of their statement of service. You may check out some statement of service examples online.  

Essential Information VA Loan Statement Contains 

The following items are included in the statement of service letter that serves as your statement of services for your VA loan: 

  • Personal information ( Full name, DOB, and SSN) 
  • Your total time served in the military, including active duty and reserve duty durations 
  • The division/branch you worked for 
  • What kind of discharge you got when you quit the military 
  • Your military rank and the amount you earn 
  • How much time you lost, if any 
  • Your eligibility to serve again in the military 

The declaration must boldly bear the signature of the document’s author or creator and be printed on official government letterhead. 

After obtaining insurance and VA approval, the lender completes most of the remaining tasks associated with the mortgage application for an applicant’s new home. You receive the funds from the private lender. Throughout your mortgage, you will be required to make payments to that particular lender. There will be a lot of questioning and decision-making by your private lender regarding your loan repayment capacity leading up to and at the closing. 

As a result, the relationship with the private lender is crucial during the house-hunting process, and lenders consider statements of service to be critical documents. Without them, they cannot begin processing your VA loan application to obtain the COE.  

Why Is a VA Loan Statement of Service Required? 

The statement of service attests to your having completed the required amount of time in the military to qualify for a VA mortgage. 

Additionally, it verifies your income as a veteran or active-duty service member, allowing the lender to ascertain your ability to pay off the home loan following the agreement.  

In general, individuals no longer serving are required to provide proof of income for 24 months, while those currently active-duty service members are only required to provide income for 12 months.  

Where Can One Obtain a Statement of Service for a VA Loan? 

Get in touch with your CO to request a statement of service. Do so without delay so that you have sufficient time to obtain the document before commencing your search for a VA loan.  

Is there a quick way to get a VA Loan Statement of Service Letter? 

The VA Statement of Service Letter is complicated because it requires the signature of your commanding officer, which is not always straightforward. Due to their hectic schedule, the CO might not prioritize signing documents to assist you with a loan. The letter signing is the initial step for active-duty military personnel attempting to secure a VA loan guarantee, but it could be delayed for various reasons. 

To your good fortune, there are more choices. The statement of service letter may also bear the signature of the personnel office or the adjutant of your unit. 

You can also get something online termed a “Status Report Pursuant to Service Members Civil Relief Act,” which VA processors may help you get online. It may be much quicker than having a letter signed by a commanding officer, and in certain circumstances, that is sufficient for the private lender. 

As obtaining the SOS may prove challenging, ensure that you complete it as soon as possible after deciding to obtain a mortgage via the VA loan program. 

Certificate of Eligibility (COE) 

The SOS is a critical document as it provides the pathway to the VA Loan Certificate of Eligibility (COE), which is essential to the VA loan application process as an entire process. Simply put, the Certificate of Eligibility serves the purpose of verifying the VA loan processors that the applicant is qualified to participate in the program. 

It is merely one of the fundamental prerequisites for the ultimate approval and does not ensure acceptance or VA loan denial. Final approval is almost upon you whenever you have it or your loan officer obtains it electronically.  

Are a Certificate of Eligibility and a Statement of Service the Same Thing? 

It is necessary to have both of these official documents to properly receive a mortgage from the Veterans Administration (VA). The Statement of Service confirms your income as a serving member or a veteran released from active duty. At the same time, the Certificate of Eligibility notifies lenders that you have fulfilled your service obligations.  

Other crucial documents to acquire for your application are at least two months of bank and retirement account statements, a duplicate of your state ID card or driver’s license, and W-2 tax forms from the previous two years (4 years if you’re self-employed). 


Income verification is a major component of the loan approval procedure. To showcase your ability to repay a mortgage loan with a VA program, you must provide a statement of service. Therefore, you want to put completing your statement of service at the top of your priority list when preparing for a VA loan. But remember, your superior officer might need time to finish the paperwork. 

So get a head start on your mortgage application today if you’re prepared to qualify for a VA loan and buy a home. 

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