VA Loan for Land in 2024

VA Loan for Land in 2024: Navigating Opportunities and Strategizing Land Acquisition

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VA loans help the active military, veterans, and spouses benefit from home programs. They require no down payment, and their lending terms are more favorable than normal bank loans.   

If you qualify for a VA loan, you can build, repair, and change your occupancy when working with a VA lender. Besides buying homes, you can also use a VA loan to buy land. Read on for more insights on buying land using your VA loan in 2024.   

How to Use VA Land Loans 

It’s possible to take a VA loan for land, provided that you meet the criteria requirements. However, you should have plans for buying a permanent residence on the land you buy, or the land should already have a home you will use as your residence. 

When you buy land to construct it, you should work with a lender who offers construction loans. Also, the building shouldn’t take long to start after buying the land, and the house should be used for your residency alone. 

When you apply for the VA loans, you don’t receive a lump sum as it is with many mortgage programs. Instead, the money is delivered in installments, known as draws, which encourage better money management and accountability throughout construction.

VA loan for home

Can You Buy Land With A VA Loan? 

You can buy land with a VA loan if you clear your intentions and meet the requirements. In many cases, you can get this loan if you are an active military having served the US military for at least 90 days continuously. You may also get it if you are a Native American veteran and your spouse is also a Native American. 

You can also get this loan when buying land with a property in it and plan to transform the home into your residence. You cannot use the land you are buying for commercial reasons, as you should construct your permanent residence on it. 

Can You Use a VA Loan To Buy Land? 

Down Payment for VA Loan

Using a VA loan to buy land can be a great option if you don’t have the down payment. However, this option has its drawbacks, which you must understand before trying to make an informed decision. 

Consider this loan if you need to construct a home on the land and don’t have the required down payment. VA loan requirements are favorable, and you could enjoy better rates when working with a good lender. This option could be great if you have a busy schedule, as the lender manages all the aspects of the project. 

On the other hand, you must adhere to the requirements and restrictions regarding the land size, its condition, and its buying purpose. The cost of the land could also be high depending on its location. 

Before using VA loans to buy land, budget and allocate your money wisely to avoid financial regrets. 

What Are The Requirements For Using a VA Loan To Buy Land? 

Can you build a home with a VA loan? The short answer is yes, but there are rules and restrictions to adhere to. Here are the main qualifications to keep in mind. 

1. A Home Must Be Involved 

You should have plans for settling in the piece of land you buy with the VA land. As such, the land must have a home, or you should be ready to start home construction on it. The house should not have more than four units because it’s not for commercial purposes. 

2. Excellent Credit Score 

It’s vital to have a good credit score when applying for a VA loan. Many lenders consider your score to determine the man of money you can qualify for when buying the land. A good score can help secure you a good piece of land. 

3. The Builder Must Be VA Registered 

If you buy the land, you will need a builder to start your residential construction. The builder must be VA registered. 

4. The Land Should Meet Local Property Standards 

The piece of land you intend to buy should have an excellent drainage system and a great sewerage system and should be flood-insured if located in a flood-prone area. Before purchasing, inspect the land sufficiently to increase your chances of getting approved for this loan. 

How Do You Use a VA Loan To Buy Land?

VA loan for Land

The process of buying a loan with a VA loan might be overwhelming for the time. Follow these steps to simplify your journey and start your home construction immediately. 

Get Your Eligibility Certificate 

The first step to buying land with VA loans is to find out if you are eligible. You can readily find this by visiting the veterans/military offices or checking online. Only proceed to the next steps if you meet the minimum requirements. 

Find the Land 

What type of land would you need? One good thing about VA loans for buying land is that there are no size restrictions. You can buy hundreds of acres if you can afford it. Inspect the land of your choice to ensure it has no hazardous chemicals or features that might make you lose the deal. 

1. Find a Lender

VA direct loan lender

There are no VA direct loans; you must work with a VA-approved lender. Luckily, many lenders offer these loans, so you can readily get a suitable lender for your needs.  

2. Submit Your Papers 

Your lender will most likely need your financial papers and other personal documents when applying for the loan. Your papers will provide detailed information about your capability, allowing the lender to know if you qualify for the loan. 

3. Get Approved, and Start Construction! 

You can start your home construction immediately if the lender approves your VA loan application. If the application is denied, find out why and re-apply. Mainly, the lender will oversee the process, and you will start making the repayments after the construction is done. Be sure to engage a VA-approved builder to avoid legal issues. The Veterans Information Portal could be resourceful in finding reputable VA-registered builders. 


A VA loan can help you buy the land of your choice and construct your dream residential palace on it. You must be a veteran or active military to get this loan, and you should also work with a VA-registered lender. If you meet the minimum requirements, find a great lender to start your journey of buying your ideal land in 2024!

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