2023's Top 10 Tax Software - Which One Is Right for You

2023’s Top 10 Tax Software: Which One Is Right for You?

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When it comes to tax matters, you can do it in two ways; hire an accountant or get tax software. Going by the data, many people are switching to software to automate their tax filing and other associated tasks.

The market for tax management applications is expected to grow from $15 billion in 2023 to almost $40 billion in 2030. This represents a significant uptake of these apps as people move from traditional tax filing methods.

The purpose of tax software is to assist you in preparing, calculating, and filing your annual tax returns. Available in different capabilities, these apps are also priced generally depending on their abilities. We have evaluated various tax software such as Turbotax, FreeTaxUSA, H&R Block, and others and compiled a list of the 10 best tax apps for 2023.

10 Best Tax Software Reviewed

1. Intuit Turbotax

Between FreeTaxUSA vs. TurboTax, which one is better? Turbotax mobile tax software stands out as the best overall. The app has earned an outstanding reputation due to its intuitive interface.

Due to the exceptional professionalism while creating this app, it offers comprehensive tax management without needing in-person inputs. Also, prompt support means a professional can answer your questions or help whenever you get stuck.

Apart from the simple interface, the software comes in different package options. This helps to cover people with additional needs. You can enjoy the services at $0 for free, in full DIY versions. For more complex filing, you can go for paid packages, starting at $69 for a basic package and going up to $409 for the premium packages with live assistance.

Although Turbotax is a fantastic tax-filing app, it’s not the cheapest. The price is a bit high compared to others.

2. H&R Block

freetaxusa vs turbotax

H&R Block is another software that saves you the headache of filing your returns. Whether you are hours before the deadline or want to save the hassle of hiring an agent, this app is all you need. With a massive team of staff spread across the US, they ensure filing the tax isn’t a headache anymore.

Determining between TurboTax or H&R Block, which was best overall, was tricky since both are up to the task. One of the exceptional things about H&R Block is that you can choose different packages that suit your tax filing complexity. Additionally, support is available online, as well as their offices located in various cities across the US. This is where the company performs better compared to Turbotax.

Whether you want to file taxes or let the company professional do it for you, there are different packages. The basic goes for $29.95, Delux+State $54.95, premium $74.95, and premium & business $89.95. Depending on your needs, switching from one package to another is easy.

3. Taxslayer

Completing your tax obligation should not be stressful anymore once you get Taxslayer on your smartphone. It’s a dedicated software with many features dedicated to helping people enjoy seamless tax filing. The different packages are why this app finds a slot in this listing.

One of the favorite features is the free version that allows people to file for free for Form 1040. It ensures you can file one state and federal taxes for free. Additionally, other packages are suited for different individuals.

The other package is classic, which starts at $34.95. It also has a free option that enables you to upgrade when need be. The other one Is premium and starts at $54.95, where you can access live chats with experts and other forms of support.

 A unique package that isn’t available in other filing apps is the military option. It’s ideal since military service members can enjoy filing their taxes free of charge. The top-of-the-range package is self-employed, which starts at $64.95 and caters to people with complex tax filing and small businesses.

Taxslayer is fantastic for personal purposes, and it’s the best tax software for small business. The only downside is that support is only available on premium and self-employed packages.

4. Cash App Taxes

Cash App Taxes is the ultimate option if you want the software to give you a fantastic experience when filing taxes. Formerly called Credit Karma Tax, it’s one of the best free tax apps that allows you to file federal and state taxes free of charge without hidden charges.

The best thing about Cash App Taxes is that there are no paid tiers guaranteeing consistent service provision without extra charges. Additionally, the company has a smartphone app and PC versions giving users fantastic flexibility.

Filing tax is simple besides being free, as you need to take a picture of a W-2 form and upload it. The other steps will auto-complete, hence one of the simplest ways to file.

Although using this app is free, it doesn’t offer professional help. Therefore, if you aren’t conversant with tax issues, you might still hire an expert to help you.

5. TaxAct

best tax software for small business

TaxAct is another fantastic software for people who want to file taxes confidently and remotely. Upon comparing Turbotax vs. TaxAct, the services are excellent on TaxAct since subscription prices are significantly lower.

Despite not being popular as the others above, TaxAct guarantees impressive services. You can do a lot, such as importing W-2 and 1099 forms from different documents to automatic filling. To give users confidence, the app guarantees up to a $100,000 refund in case of tax fines or errors.

TaxAct comes with 4 plans, with the free one being the most basic that charges you zero dollars. The other ones are deluxe at $50.95, Premier at $74.95, and Self-Employed at $99.95 under the DIY category. When you add an expert guide, Free starts at $ $39.95, Deluxe at $90.90, Premier at $114.90, and Self-Employed at $139.90.

6. FreeTaxUSA

FreeTaxUSA offers free and timely federal tax filing, helping you save money by avoiding fines and penalties. It’s one of the best when you compare FreeTaxUSA vs. TurboTax vs H&R Block. The charges are fantastic since all basic, advanced, premium, and self-employed packages are free. The only cost is filing state tax; you are charged $14.99 for every added state.

Each package offers services depending on the filing complexity. Therefore, you can choose the right one to enjoy a seamless process while enjoying low prices. Whether you are an individual, a business, or filing tax as a contractor, the whole process costs you nearly nothing, regardless of how complicated it is.

Comparing the two, TurboTax vs. FreeTaxUSA, you find FreeTaxUSA is cheaper than TurboTax but offers limited help. Only people on the deluxe package get live customer support by paying an additional $8.

7. Jackson Hewitt E-file

Jackson Hewitt is one of the US’s most popular tax preparation and filing companies, handling millions of filings annually. The company offers more than the ability to file taxes via software. There is impressive complementation of the app with live support via videos, emails, or in-person. Actually, the company has physical offices in 6000 locations.

Besides the fantastic access to support, the company has excellent services with affordable charges. With only one tier, the company charges a flat rate of $25 for federal filing and unlimited state returns. Even better, the flat rate charges don’t limit customers, and you can file taxes regardless of complexity without added costs.

8. Liberty Tax

Liberty Tax is another software featured in this list due to its exceptional services and elevated user experience. With over 20 years in business, the company provides a platform where you can prepare and file your tax without hiring a professional. Offering all the necessary tools to file your tax, you can do it at home or visit their offices to file in person.

Besides online and in-person filing, you can use both methods to ensure you are on the right track. Liberty tax comes with 3 tiers: Basic at $45.95, Deluxe at $65.95, and premium at $85.95. Each level offers features suited to the complexity of your filing. In addition, you will get $36.95 on each tier.

9. EzTaxReturn

Accurate filing of tax returns is critical to preventing over or underpayment. A good tax help software like EzTaxReturn is handy when filing tax matters. It’s one of the most straightforward platforms where fling returns take around 30 minutes. Filing federal tax is free with no hidden charges like with other apps.

One fantastic feature is using the platform online or downloading it on your smartphone. Though simple tax filing is free, including passive income taxes, those who don’t qualify to pay a small fee of $29.95 for federal, $19.95 for state, or $39.95 for federal and state combined. Also, there are other specialized services like audit defense protection, amendment tax return insurance, and refund transfer at extra cost.

Using EzTaxReturn is simple and cheap for most users, but it’s only free for basic filing. Complex tasks will see you pay more, and the software doesn’t support options trading.

10. Community Tax

which is better turbotax or h&r block

When you have a problem when filing your tax, Community Tax is the right platform to seek. It works with people with tax issues such as debts and other complications to offer a smooth resolution. If you owe IRS arrears dating years, you might ask yourself what happens if you don’t file taxes for 3 years or more. Community Tax is responsible for handling such cases, among others.

The platform acts more as a tax resolution platform than a filling software. Offering straightforward payment options and over 15 tax-related services, it’s perfect for individuals and small businesses. The professional team gives everyone customized guidance to ensure compliance with no hassle.

Community Tax is an excellent tax resolution platform to deal with defaults, arrears, or wrongful filing. Despite all these fantastic features, the company lacks price transparency which can lead to expensive settlements.


Tax software can perform various tasks eliminating the need for hiring expensive accountants. However, the nature of the filling determines whether the software will handle the whole process. The companies offering these services also provide human assistance meaning you can enjoy a seamless process when you get stuck.

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