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Top 10 Investing Blogs To Fuel Your Financial Knowledge 

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Mastering the art of investment is a crucial skill in today’s multifaceted marketplace. There is more to it than just monetary gain; it extends to realizing your financial aspirations, amplifying your wealth, and securing your future.  

One practical approach to delving into investment wisdom is the perusal of blogs. According to Ahrefs, there are more than 600 million blogs out of 1.9 billion sites worldwide. However, the pursuit of discerning the best investment blogs poses a challenge.  

So, how can you sift through the sea of virtual voices clamoring for attention and successfully distill the content worthy of your precious time and undivided attention?  

This post features an assortment of the best investment blogs primed to ignite the flames of your financial knowledge to alleviate your dilemma. But first: 

Why Compile a List of Top Investing Blogs? 

You may wonder why this post highlights the top investment blogs. The goal is to help you discover new voices from investing bloggers so that you can fuel your knowledge and make better financial decisions.  

You can find helpful information, advice, and inspiration from these popular investment blogs. According to a HubSpot survey, 33% of people read blog posts to learn something new.  

These resources, in turn, serve as building blocks for the augmentation of your investment knowledge and the elevation of your success. 

Top 10 Investing Blogs To Fuel Your Financial Knowledge 

Financial Knowledge 

1. Best For Personal Finance: Wallet Wingman  

Wallet Wingman has some of the best investment blogs for personal finance because it draws on real-life experience and expertise.  

Marcus, a certified mortgage advisor professional and the author of the book “The Book On Mortgage Loans,” runs the blog. He started the blog in 2007 to share his insights and tips based on his financial journey.  

Wallet Wingman is a top investing blog since it can help you take control of your money and achieve your financial goals so that you can invest in real estate.  

Whether you want to save more, spend less, invest wisely, or plan for retirement, this is one of the best personal finance blogs that covers you.  

2. Best For Financial Markets: A Wealth of Common Sense 

For those traversing the complex landscape of financial markets, A Wealth of Common Sense emerges as one of the top undisputed investing blogs, captivating with its unwavering reliability and amicable counsel.  

If you want to unravel the enigmatic intricacies of financial markets and enhance your investment prowess, look no further than this beacon of enlightenment, as you might find it is the best way to invest money for a child.  

Herein, the spotlight shines on wealth management, investment strategies, the dynamic theater of financial markets, and the intricate web of investor psychology. 

Steering the ship of wisdom that is this blog is none other than Ben Carlson, a luminary in finance. As a skilled distiller of complex truths, Carlson delivers crystalline clarity to the complex world of finance. 

3. Best For Financial Independence: Financial Samurai 

When carving your path toward financial independence, look no further than Financial Samurai. It is one of the top investment advice blogs that offers guidance and amiable companions on your journey to economic self-sufficiency and pursuing your ideal life.  

This blog is the brainchild of Sam Dogen, a former luminary of Wall Street who gracefully retired from the hustle and bustle of the corporate world at a mere 34 years of age, a feat accomplished in 2012.  

Dogen’s reservoir of knowledge, honed through the expert management of his financial resources and the creation of myriad income streams, forms the bedrock of his wisdom you wouldn’t want to miss. 

4. Best For Market Commentary: The Reformed Broker 

Reformed Broker 

Here at The Reformed Broker, you’ll discover insightful and witty observations about financial markets, the economy, politics, media influence, cultural phenomena, and the expansive world of finance. 

Orchestrating this symphony of insights is Josh Brown, an expert nestled in the financial epicenter of New York City.  

Brown’s literary endeavors extend to the authorship of several illuminating books on investing and finance. Notable among them are “Backstage Wall Street” and “Clash of the Financial Pundits,” literary works that illuminate the corridors of financial wisdom.  

Reformed Broker serves as the ultimate journal of market commentary—a place where knowledge and common sense merge seamlessly. Brown can simplify complex concepts and make them digestible, making his writing enthralling.  

5. Best For Crowdsourced Analysis: Seeking Alpha 

Are you an avid seeker of novel ideas and profound insights from the vast realm of the investing community? If so, Seeking Alpha emerges as an invaluable resource. 

Herein, the blog unfolds as a rich resource. A melting pot of crowdsourced opinions and analyses on the vast canvas of stocks, bonds, and many investment domains. 

Throughout Seeking Alpha’s narratives, you’ll find a symphony of dividends, a tapestry of macroeconomics, an endless universe of ETFs where you can learn how to invest and make money daily. A galaxy of related topics that traverse the multifaceted terrain of investing, etc. 

Moreover, you can partake in the intellectual banquet by subscribing to the Seeking Alpha newsletter. Which offers the latest tidings and exclusive offers. 

6. Best For Financial Product Reviews: Investor Junkie 

Are you seeking the best financial products and services tailored to your unique requirements? Look no further than Investor Junkie, your dependable and friendly companion. 

Moriah Costa, a luminary in finance journalism and editorial mastery, is now the steward of this digital haven, which Larry Ludwig inaugurated in 2009. 

With this blog, you will have access to the most comprehensive, impartial, and exhaustive assessments of financial products, allowing you to select the most appropriate instruments to meet your financial objectives. 

Moreover, the blog extends its reach with various educational resources spanning areas such as investments, personal finance, taxation, and more. Offering a holistic compass on your journey toward financial knowledge. 

7. Best For Value Investing: Contrarian Edge 

Contrarian Edge

Contrarian Edge (now called the Intellectual Investor) —- is one of the top value investing blogs conceived by the renowned Vitaliy Katsenelson —- a luminary in value investment and the craft of authorship.  

As a writer, Katsenelson’s portfolio is full of books on the complex art of value investing. Such as “The Little Book of Sideways Markets” and “Active Value Investing.” 

With a prolific contribution to Market Watch. Katsenelson offers insights and counsel to those seeking knowledge in the complex world of value investing. 

The pages of this blog have a full range of stock curation, the complex calculus of valuation, the unbreakable wall of margin of safety, the symphony of portfolio allocation, and an expansive array of related topics that will fuel your knowledge.  

8. Best For Dropshipping: Oberlo 

Oberlo is one of the best investment blogs for your entrepreneurial journey and a beacon for starting and growing a dropshipping business.  

You will discover how your role transforms into a facilitator in the complex realm of dropshipping. It is an industry defined by the task of retailing products online without the complexities of inventory management, packaging logistics, or dispatching.  

Your job entails the discovery of merchandise from third-party vendors. Their seamless integration into your digital store, and orchestrating their expedited delivery to your esteemed clientele upon receipt of orders. 

Yet, Oberlo doesn’t confine its utility to mere facilitation. Its blog contains an impressive treasure trove of additional resources and amenities tailored to cater to the diverse needs of drop shippers.  

9. Best For Alternative Investments: Portfolio for the Future 

If you want to understand the complexities of nontraditional ventures. Portfolio for the Future is one of the best investment blogs to learn from.  

This blog takes its form under the stewardship of the CAIA Association (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association). A global professional organization dedicated to the enlightenment of alternative investment teaching.  

Portfolio for the Future covers various topics associated with alternative investments, such as asset allocation, data science, AI, emerging asset classes, hedge funds, infrastructure, private debt, private equity, real estate, etc. 

Moreover, this blog dispenses knowledge and wisdom on investments, personal finance, fiscal levies, and related domains. 

Portfolio for the Future is one of the best alternative investments blogs because it offers comprehensive and independent information for investors that can help diversify your portfolio and improve your returns.  

10. Best For Real Estate Investing: BiggerPockets 

Real Estate Investing

How much money do you need to invest in real estate? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, one of the best investment blogs to consider is BiggerPockets. Various facets of real estate investing come under its scope, including buying, selling, renting, flipping, wholesaling, financing, and more. 

Moreover, educational materials like books, podcasts, webinars, courses, and more are available through the platform for investors of various experience levels. 

BiggerPockets is one of the best real estate investment blogs because it offers practical and actionable advice from experts and practitioners in the industry. 

The blog boasts an extensive community of real estate insiders and interested parties that actively exchange their thoughts through online discussions. You can connect with additional investors on the blog’s marketplace to uncover deals and collaborate. 


Pursuing brilliant investment wisdom can be difficult with so much financial information. 

This thoughtfully curated collection of the best investment blogs is a guiding light within this sprawling digital realm. 

These blogs will equip you with the instruments vital for fueling your knowledge and steering your financial road to success, bestowing you the prowess to make wise choices and unlock the potential in your future. 

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