Dave-Inspired - 11 Cash Advance Apps to Try

Dave-Inspired: 11 Cash Advance Apps To Try

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Cash advance apps inspired by the Dave app continue to rise in popularity in the US. The primary reason is there’s high demand for these financial services. Per stats from LendingClub Corporation, almost 61% of US citizens rely on the next paycheck for their livelihood.

Generally, these financial apps similar to Dave enable users to:

  • Earn extra cash
  • Find assistance with their budgets
  • Get reliable cash advance

The upsides of these apps are many, provided you know which apps to trust. But one might ask, what is the Dave app?

This guide answers this question and provides 11 excellent apps like Dave, which you can try today.

What is the Dave App?

Dave is a financial management app that can help you avoid overdraft charges. It integrates with users’ bank accounts to give instant notifications in the case of an overdraft. Customers may obtain cash loans of up to $100 and use tools to help them budget, save automatically, and build their credit.

It also has the ExtraCash function, which allows you to withdraw up to $500 whenever you need it using your Dave Debit Mastercard. In addition, it links you up with businesses that provide handy part-time jobs, allowing you to earn money whenever it suits you.

app like dave to borrow money

You don’t have to worry about a credit check, interest fees, or late charges. In addition, the membership fee for Dave is just one dollar every month.

Dave’s website receives roughly seven million monthly visitors. Although it’s a well-known app, you might be interested in learning about other cash advance apps listed below.

1. Cash App

Despite its restricted accessibility, Cash App provides a loan facility for customers to obtain up to $200.

It has a fixed 5% interest rate and a 4-week grace period during which the rate is 0%; after that, it jumps to 1.25 percent weekly.

Cash App is unique because it offers more than payday loans. It can also be used for sending and receiving remittances and filing taxes once you learn how to borrow money from the Cash App.

2. Earnin

apps like dave

If you’re looking for an app like Dave to borrow money, Earnin (previously ActivHours is a worthy option. Earnin is excellent if you want to avoid paying monthly or annual subscription fees for any service. You “tip” the service provider once rather than paying a regular membership fee. In short, the service fee is up to your discretion.

You can request a payroll advance of up to one hundred dollars daily.

However, you must sign up for direct deposit for your paycheck to reach you early. Then, when you make a cash advance request using the Earnin app, the money will arrive in your bank account as usual, but it will be available a few days before your regular paycheck.

You need not worry about repaying or incurring interest because Earnin will retain the portion of your already advanced paycheck.

Earnin’s standard transfer time is a few days, but if you’re in a pinch, you can spend a few more dollars for a swift transfer. You may discover more about Earning’s features by checking out their official website.

3. Albert

Albert is also a great alternative to the Dave app if you need a loan. You can acquire a cash advance from Albert in as little as two days. (Or for a little price, you can get your cash in only a few minutes.) You can ask for up to $250 without worrying about credit checks, late fees, or interest.

To Get Eligible For Albert’s Cash Advance:

  • Have a checking bank account that remained open for over two months.
  • You must show proof of a current checking account and direct deposit.
  • Show evidence of a consistent income from a single employer for at least sixty days in a row.

Show that you have money in your account for a full day after your paycheck.

Similar to most apps, Albert’s payday loans are interest-free, and the loan amount will increase as you demonstrate responsible borrowing and repayment habits. You must repay the borrowed money on your following payday, but if you have problems, you can arrange an extension.

Plus, investment opportunities, cashback incentives, and financial guidance from a service called Genius are just a few of the fantastic extras that come with Albert.

4. Empower

Empower genuinely lives up to its brand name by providing multiple options for taking charge of your finances.

You can obtain up to $250 from Empower Advance immediately after installing the app and setting up an account. You acquire the money instantly because there is no need for a down payment or a credit check.

To get Empower’s cash advance services, you must:

  • Regular direct deposits from your employer.
  • A good track record with one’s finances.
  • An extensive record of direct deposits.

When you are ready, you can switch to Empower Thrive, which will enable you to increase the maximum borrowed credit to $1,000.

To avoid paying any overdraft penalties, you can fund your Empower Card or external checking account.

5. Brigit

Want fast money without having to worry about charges or tips? Think Brigit.

Since it lacks credit checks, the app can be downloaded and used in minutes. Cash advances can range from $50 up to $250.

To receive a cash advance from Brigit:

  • Have a checking account that has been operational for the past two months.
  • Show that your company has paid you directly at least three times.
  • Your bank account needs to have some available funds in it.

Borrowers typically pay back advances on their next payday. However, extensions may be granted if necessary. The processing time for deposits is typically a couple of business days; alternatively, you can pay a nominal charge to receive your funds instantly.

Brigit has both a free and paid “Plus” tier. The Finance Helper tool, which provides information on your spending patterns and results, is part of the Free plan. It also offers side-income alternatives.

For $9.99 a month, you can get the Plus plan. It includes all the features in the Free plan and additional perks such as tools for improving credit, protection against overdrafts, and immediate cash transactions.

6. FloatMe

money apps like dave

Need a close friend and a money-management app all in one? That pretty much sums up FloatMe.

What makes FloatMe such a useful phone app? To begin, it safeguards your bank account(s) with Plaid, a business that acts as a liaison between financial institutions and mobile applications for managing money.

Moreover, it provides Floats, its term for payday loans. You can apply for a Float of up to $50 to help you get through the times between your paychecks.

To help you keep tabs on your finances, you will also be sent a record of your previous expenditures.

The monthly fee for FloatMe is roughly $2. However, you can give it a spin risk-free for 30 days.

7. MoneyLion

With MoneyLion, you’ll undoubtedly take home the ‘lion’s share.’ This is due to the variety of cash advance choices available.

For instance, the minimum payout amount for Instacash is $25. You can request a maximum sum of $250 in a few months. (You may apply for up to $1,000 by linking your RoarMoney account to ongoing direct deposits.)

Furthermore, Credit Builder Plus users of MoneyLion are eligible for up to $300 in cash advances during every pay period, as well as access to loan applications and credit score tracking.

However, the $19.99 monthly fee for the credit-building service is a tad high. Yet, it’s worth considering for those looking to improve their credit scores.

8. Grid Money

Grid can help you earn more cash and maximize your tax refund.

It offers a no-fee and no-credit-check way to acquire a cash advance of up to $200 called CashBoost.

With PayBoost, you can automatically deduct up to $250 monthly from your paychecks until you receive your full tax refund.

However, you’ll have to register for a free Grid Plus account for $10 per month if you want exciting features such as the BoostCard and additional time to pay off your debt.

9. Possible Finance

Possible Finance facilitates the borrowing and repayment of loans. You can obtain up to $500 regardless of the state of your credit. (As much as $250 if you live in California.)

loan apps like dave

Also, you can pay off your loan in four payments and won’t be charged late fees for missing one.

10. Chime

When you use Chime, you can borrow money and have access to your salary two days before payday is due.

Chime requires no minimum amount, monthly administration costs, and no fees for international transactions, which has made it a hit with users.

11. Klover – Instant Cash Advance

Klover offers instantaneous cash advances without credit checks, interest, or concealed fees.

Next, the app’s additional features, such as daily giveaways, credit and expenditure trackers, and the chance to earn points toward a larger cash advance, are all noteworthy.


Regarding financial matters, most of what is written and broadcast online is either incorrect or outdated. Consequently, almost three-quarters of American adults worry about not having sufficient funds. Using loan apps like Dave, you, or somebody you love could relieve some of the tension caused by financial stress. Like Dave, these eleven cash advance apps can be lifesavers in such situations.

Each of these is ideal in their own right. However, learn as much as possible about how to borrow money with the apps and search for the best to get the desired results.

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